It was again one of these early summer evenings. The sound of silence covered the yellow fields all around. From the farer villages you could hear the rattling chains of barking dogs and howling hounds. Black crows without work were flying back home. A lonely bell rung from a misterious cemetery church miles away. The time seemed to be stopped.Suddenly a terrible thunderstorm came up. Flashes of photographers cameras cutted the darkness and all together they could hear the sound of "The Roaring Fourties".

The band was born in 1996 when Jürgen Pfingst and Manfred Jung met at a Tremeloes concert on the season opening of Bayer Leverkusen`s football club. The two guys had been inspired by this music of their youth and wanted to do the same. So they looked for some other people and started playing the music from Liverpool`s and Hamburg´s sixties. They succeeded in finding Raimund Jung and Dr. Cornelius Ruloff building the current group.

Our Song Mersey oh Mersey is a tribute to the fantastic city and people of Liverpool.

Honorary members of the Merseycats.

The Roaring Fourties 2016